M101 Session Titles

  • Session 1: Marital Expectations

    Helps couples have realistic expectations about their relationship.
  • Session 2: Communication & Emotional Intimacy

    Learn to be an effective communicator, be an active listener and what it means to have true dialogue.
  • Session 3: Personality Differences

    Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Couples learn to embrace each other’s differences.
  • Session 4: Conflict Resolution

    Fighting fair, understanding the "real" issue, and forgiveness are a few of the points taught in this critical segment.
  • Session 5: Spiritual Intimacy - 1 + 1 = One

    The Rosbergs help couples learn to develop spiritual unity and to overcome differences in family origins.
  • Session 6: Relating with Money Part 1 - Nerds & Free Spirits

    Dave Ramsey uses humorous life lessons to illustrate the unique ways we view money and how to work together to make our money work for us.
  • Session 7: Relating with Money Part 2 – Singles & Children

    Listen to Dave as he explains the difference in how to deal with money as a single person and as a couple with children.
  • Session 8: Sexual Intimacy

    Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg cover this sensitive area with common sense and dignity. The mental, physical and emotional aspects of sexual intimacy will help couples better understand the biblical view of sex.