Tom, Dallas TX

I purchased the Complete Couples Package as a wedding gift for some dear friends. They were frustrated with their current premarital counseling as they had to drive a long distance and juggle their work schedules. Marriage 101 Online was the perfect solution! I also like the Marriage Kit and the Couples Check-up. Great Job!!
From Bride - recipient of Marriage 101 online as a wedding gift: “It is definitely a gift that will long outlast anything we received on our registry!”

Willa, Bride-to-Be - Deployed in Afghanistan

My fiance and I began our sessions right away, and like a good book we couldn't put it down. These lessons are very informative, encouraging and have helped us to grow as a couple. We had talked about a lot of the information in the lessons, like our roles and supporting each other's differences, but received a ton of things to think about and discuss further. We have enjoyed these lessons and spent countless hours discussing them. These discussions lead to other discussions and new goals for our upcoming marriage. Thank you so much for allowing us to go through this program. I especially want to thank all involved in Grace Products that made it possible for Shane in MN and me in Afghanistan to be able to go through this together while not being in the same place. This has been an amazing opportunity for us. I have shared this information with a couple of my co-workers here and they are looking into this program to help strengthen their marriage bonds while being deployed. My mother even asked me what the program consisted of and is now considering the program for my father and her to help reconnect and recharge their 33 year marriage.

Ron, Denver CO

I showed a couple the Dave Ramsey session and they became very convicted. It caused them to use Dave's suggestions about budgeting and they both sat down and made commitments together. She said she used to be the one that would have sleepless nights. Now he is waking up with thoughts of their budget. They are now going through the entire series to help them do better.

Bob, Burlington NJ

We had 28 people in out Marriage101 class yesterday. our church has every kind of blue collar couple you can imagine attending the class. Couples living together with kids from multiple marriages, a guy that had 2 kids in his teens that hasn't remarried, etc... it is "stretching (growing)" the couple that is leading as well. Marriage 101 is very good. I am very excited and I plan to run it multiple times a year.

FT. Wayne IN

I find that there are two types of people that come to see me. there are those that want to get married or stay married and those that want to get out of their marriage. here is the question that I always ask the second group: "Are you here for me to sanction your divorce or are you willing to do whatever it takes to make your marriage work?" If the answer is not the latter... I say; "Please don't waste my time." Your concept of using Marriage 101 as a crisis marriage tool is genius! Now that will work!!

Tony, Woodward OK

I recently used the bonus session, that dealt with cohabitation, with a young couple for premarital counseling. The video was excellent but the young couple stated, "We don't see a problem", and dogmatically said, "they were not going to separate and were going to find another church that wasn't so narrow minded". The Holy Spirit got a hold of the young couple and they came back to, separated into different living arrangements, asked forgiveness of each other for living together before marriage, and apologized for the comments made about the church. It was a joy to do their service. After their honeymoon they came back and asked if they could view the rest of the series.