Marriage Kit

The Marriage Kit is the perfect companion to the Marriage 101 DVD Series. Each book complements and expands the Marriage 101 experience. This kit will serve as a reference tool that will be used over and over again. For relationship building, research, and plain common sense you will find nothing better than the Marriage Kit. This collection of books, the "Making Marriage Work CD", and Family History Analysis worksheets are great resources to enhance any library.

The Marriage Kit Contents

Book - Healing the Hurt

Healing The Hurt in Your Marriage  - Dr. Gary & Barbara Rosberg

Many couples don't know how to deal with conflict in healthy ways, so their relationship smolders with unresolved hurt, anger, and resentment.  You can heal the hurt in your marriage!

Dave Ramsey Book

The Total Money Makeover - Dave Ramsey

You'll be exercising your financial strength every day and quickly freeing yourself of worry, stress, and debt – and that's a beautiful feeling.

After You Say I Do Devotional

After You Say "I Do" Devotional - H. Norman Wright

Known for his keen insights and realistic approach to relationships, bestselling author and Christian counselor Norm Wright offers daily readings that will encourage, challenge, and uplift you and your spouse.

The 5 Sex needs of Men and Women

The 5 SEX Needs of men & Women - Dr. Gary & Barbara Rosberg

Based on responses to their best-selling The 5 Love needs of  Men and Women, Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg surveyed more than seven hundred married couples to discover the top five sex needs of men and women. You won't believe the results….

family history analysis

Family History Analysis

As couples pursue the dream of their own unique and personal marriage relationship, they often are unaware of how the family from which they have come will influence their own style of marriage. The Family History Analysis is a tool designed to assist you in preparing for marriage and understanding each others family influences.

makeing Marriage Work Audio CD

Making Marriage Work - 3 Sessions on Audio CD

Dr. H. Norman Wright talks to couples on the right reasons to get married, intimacy, and how to keep a marriage vibrant.